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Musto Foul Weather Gear

Musto is the world’s leading producer of technical sailing apparel. Established by Olympic medallist Keith Musto in 1965, the brand has been at the forefront of sailing clothing innovation for over 40 years. Many of Musto’s developments, such as the world’s first two-piece drysuit and the 3-layer clothing system, have shaped the way in which modern sailing clothing has evolved and Musto continues to push the boundaries in the quest to keep their customers warm and dry in the face of the elements.

The Musto 2013 - 2014 sailing and foul weather gear has built on the brand’s considerable expertise in producing the most technically advanced clothing system ever designed. Used by scores of world-class ocean racers, Musto’s kit has a reputation for excellence that is well deserved and the 2013 - 2014 range uses the latest materials to ensure performance, comfort and durability at all times.

HPX Foul Weather Gear
Musto HPX Ocean Jacket
HPX Foul Weather Gear
The HPX Ocean Jacket and Pants are the ultimate choice of foul weather gear.
Musto HPX Series
MPX Foul Weather Gear
Musto MPX Trousers
Musto MPX Trousers
Musto's MPX range is the perfect choice for offshore, race and pleasure sailors.
Musto MPX Sailing Gear
LPX Foul Weather Gear
Musto LPX Jacket
Musto LPX Foul Weather Gear
Musto LPX = Lightweight, Performance for Xtreme Sailing. 3 Layered Gore-Tex®
Musto LPX Sailing Gear

Musto sailing clothing is recognized around the world for outstanding design and performance in the most testing conditions. We have developed several Musto Sailing Gear Technical Clothing Schematics showing the high quality features and benefits of owning the top Musto Sailing Gear. Added to this, is the use of the very best technical fabrics available. Musto’s development team works with top sports men and women, plus the world’s leading fabric manufacturers to continually innovate and improve the range. Musto sailing gear is made from various fabrics including: Gore-Tex®, Windstopper®, Polartech®, and are made from Breathable Fabrics.